Thursday, January 15

iPhone 6 Plus [5.5"] Wallet Case - Card Case for iPhone 6 Plus by Huskk- Premium Leather - WALLET WRAP - Black

This is a beautiful HUSKK wallet case for the iPhone 6 Plus! It's a nice deep black case and many inserts for your cash or cards with you. 

The product is a smooth and made of high quality leather. I like that I don't need a wallet to carry along with me, when I can just take my phone, licenses, and cash with me!
It's like I have everything I need and that is great when your outdoors hiking, or not looking to carry a huge purse or backpack with you.

I always find that my phone (smart phone) is my mini computer, so I really have everything I need there. I find my the benefit of it having slots for my cards and cash work to advantage and keeps me from having to take my large wallet, which is just
super bulky and wouldn't even fit a pocket. 

So my idea is that with this wonderful product, you have:

  • Less to carry = no more large and bulky wallets! 
  • Slim and protected case for your phone = High quality product made to last long, keep your phone from getting destroyed 
  • Simple style and perfect color = Sleek and black HUSKK Case is perfect for anybody, and simple enough to be pleasing to your eye and any fashion your styling that day.

Logo easily blends in the case, but it's a true Huskk .

Finally, to me this is a perfect way to keep organized with less to carry, I always think a nice device deserves a nice case and this HUSKK Leather Case is just that!

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