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iLifeTech Premium Protection Set of 3 Large/Medium/Small Size Laundry Jacket Sweater Lingerie Wash Mesh Bags

iLifeTech Premium Protection Set of 3 Mesh Bags  his is perfect because honestly the washer is a dangerous place for your jackets, sweaters, undergarments like bras and other items. If you don't want certain things to get ruined when being tossed together than this will prevent them from being  deform them and even destroy the wires in the bras or cause the fabric to , when placed with many other clothes in the washer or dryer. 

So the best thing to do is to have it placed in a mesh bag and one with good quality! That is why I am glad to have found iLifeTech Premium Protection Mesh bags. They are not just the perfect size for my clothes and that I can fit a good amount in the bag, but they are also super strong and not something that will break or fall apart after a few uses. Unlike many I had in the past, this one actually is made with a quality zipper to keep anything from pulling it off or open while in the machine and also a durable and strong mesh, which isn't just a thin
piece of mesh or fabric that can easily break. 

I always come out with my clothes looking as I bought them the first day, and nothing that looks like it got attacked by a wild animal.

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