Wednesday, January 28

IBSound Vintage Flower Casual Lightweight Canvas Backpack - Travel School College Shoulder Bag / Bookbags / Daypack

I just love IBSound they have the greatest Backpacks! Not for the design, which I Love by the way, but for the quality of bag itself.

It really holds a lot, can be carried and not cause strain on your shoulders. It really doesn't come better than that! I use to buy those backpacks from a regular store and always struggle with shoulder pain or having a problem with it tearing around the sides. However, I never had any problem with this brand of bag. IBSound has the most lovely designs and comfort. I can hold my electronic devices, my books, and just about anything in this bag!

Draw string  closure on top.
Plus, it's useful not only for going to work or school, but you can use it to travel to the beach, take it on a picnic, or just about any place you want. 

Inside view, nice 

I find it to be not only stylish for what ever I'm wearing because the brown, black, and white matches pretty much anything, but because I can use it for anything as well.

Wonderful bag!

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