Sunday, January 11, 2015

IBSound Casual Style Polka Dots Canvas Laptop Backpack - Durable / Fashion / Lightweight Shoulder Bag

I love to travel and even if it's just for a few hours or to the park, I find this bag to be my new favorite companion.It's so adorable with the Polka Dots, but really can hold all my gear.

Front has a zippered compartment

I can travel and hold easily up to 3-5 gadgets/devices with me or even my art supplies and books with me. I mean I'm not always carrying that many things, but I really can fit that many.

Inside, a few side pockets for small devices and writing instruments or other items.

However, I normally take my computer, my cell phone and sometimes a tablet if I'm traveling and be away for a few days, but other times I just bring my computer and phone and a few writing tools and paper to do some work at the park or where ever.

Back side
Strong canvas bag construction, easier on the back.

If your looking for something light weight and nicely designed, polka dot style than this is something you may like. It's a normal back pack, but with many more compartments for certain devices, tools, books or anything you can fit into them. Plus, I find it to be unlike a few bags that aren't made to hold school books, computers or anything heavy. Instead,

it has a nicer and stronger construction that keeps it from ever tearing at the seams.

It really is a nice bag and very cool design!

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