Wednesday, January 14, 2015

IBSound® 8GB Digital Audio Voice Recorder - Mini Portable Rechargeable Spy Dictaphone with MP3 Player and USB Connection

I love this Voice Recorder, cause its actually very useful for keeping down important facts and information from a speech or meeting. I can easily copy things that are mentioned and never have to worry about forgetting.

It is easy to use and very easy to hold. It's not super small, so you can really see where it is and never lose it, but it is nice and portable and fits the hand perfectly. Has many different functions for storing files in all types of formats, which is handy if downloading off the internet a few songs or voice recordings.

Even the amount of space is a good amount, 8gb. Plus, voice activation and you can delete and sort through files saved on the device, without connecting to a computer to do so!

Nice product, very useful and helpful for taking anyplace and even spying on others with, haha.

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Thank You

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