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HooToo HT-IP210P Indoor Wired / Wireless Network IP Camera MJPEG CMOS with IR Cut Filter P2P US Version

HooToo Wireless/Wired IP Camera is an awesome product to own for security and also keeping an eye on things that need to be watched.
For me this would work wonders as a way to watch the house when I'm not around. I also can now keep an eye on my two pups, as one is just getting over being sick. So I could really get a full lot of use from this camera. 

What makes it wonderful is that:

  • Recording = It shows up clear on my PC or Smart Phone, which makes it easy to always have an eye view on everything I Love.
  • 24/7 =I can watch it anytime of day no matter if it's light out or dark out.
  • Images =  Come up clear and easy to view
  • Works On Multiple Devices = You can watch it on your different Android and iOS Smart Phones and Window PC's
  • Easy to Use = Just plug and play, no hard setup process.
  • Everything Included =No separate equipment to buy, to use this Camera.
  • Design = nice flat bottom to allow it to stand tall and balanced. The camera is movable to face the way you like and you can place it up with a screw as well. 
Power Cord
The Instructions, not many pages and very simple to set up.

To me this product is like the all seeing eye, never will let you down when properly installed and turned on. It will keep your rooms safe and you will be able to 
have video  no matter where your at, which is awesome!  

A very wonderful product to own and very easy to use!

 Video Review:

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