Friday, January 2

Go Green Face Paint

This is the best type of paint you can buy! No damage to the skin and no allergies will be activated. Instead, your getting high quality paint that doesn't cause damage to your
skin after applying to a child's face or even your own!

I find it fun to be a little different and add fun and cute tattoo like prints on my face. So why not use it to create maybe a pretty butterfly or smiley face while at a party or just because you want to stand out.

The Go Green Face Paint goes on easily and removes easy too! I love that It's USA made and there isn't any toxic chemicals found in this product.

The set I have is the 15 color set. They all have separate containers and lids allowing them to be separated and if you want to stack them you can as well, since they are stack-able jars with interlocking ability.

I love the bold and bright colors, makes any party a blast and anyone who enjoys to dress up for Halloween or just for a costume party, this is just a terrific product to use!

At least, I can tell you I will not regret wearing this all day!

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