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GLCON GS-09 Mini Lightweight Sport Wireless Stereo Bluetooth BT Headset Headphones Earphone Earpiece Earbuds with Microphone Mic

These GLCON Bluetooth Headphones are a really nice pair of Headphones. I always prefer the ear piece with the little inner claw look verse the traditional round ones, I feel it gives them a better grip to stay inside the ear and not fall out as often.

The best part of the Wireless Sport Stereo Bluetooth Headset Headphones is that it doesn't need wires to play music because it uses Bluetooth . The pairing is pretty easy as well, and doesn't take long. I basically use mine with my phone most of the time, to watch a few episodes of my favorite TV show. 

You really can get a bunch of great uses from this Headset, not just for exercising, but as a way to sit back and avoid any annoying noise that may be blocking you from playing a game, watching a show or just about anything. The cancellation ability is just wonderful! I can barely hear anyone talking to me, when I have these on and my music or movie blasting.  Also I love to use it with audio-books, I can do some crocheting or knitting and listen to a book through the headset.

Now for the sound, it comes out perfectly clear. Almost like going to the movie theater and hearing it through those speakers or a CD you love playing.

For use of older phones and other Bluetooth products, this is a great buy! Some don't allow you to sync with older phones or devices, but this GLCON Sport Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headset does.

I think it's a great product and love the choices of colors you can choose, verse one color.

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