Thursday, January 15

Giselle Cosmetics SUN LABORATORIES Self Tanning Lotion Tan Overnight

The Sun Laboratories Self Tanning Lotion is a wonderful product, I know because I've been using this Sunless tanning lotion for over a few weeks and love love LOVE IT!
The color is like super fast and stays long. I have such a nice dark bronze look, without streaks or dark spots. Also this is the first lotion I got that didn't leave my hands dyed as well.

Instead, you have a hydrating lotion that gives you a natural shade of color, without worry of cancer from the sun. It really is easy to use and apply. I normally just rub it on my skin
after a shower, and don't use it often because the color does last a long time. I do love the way it makes my skin gain a nice tan FAST!

A wonderful wonderful product, and the first one I ever had the best results with!

Easy to use and perfect for all skin tones and colors.

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