Saturday, January 10

Gel Pens Artist Quality Designer Set by IMA SCRIBBLER

I love these Gel Pens by IMA SCRIBBLER. Right away, the name says it all! I find my mom and I are getting into doodling or zen-tangling, but for me it's more just doodling. However, we find that using Gel Pens can be fun and make our designs look so colorful and vibrant. That is why we are hooked with these gel pens. They glide easily on the page, with smooth lines and the color is just as gorgeous inside the pen as it is when coming out.

We also find that the nubby grip cover is so comfortable to hold in our hands, which makes it easier to draw longer. I really think these out of the past few gel pens I owned, would be my favorite, top brand to own. I also agree my Mom would feel the same way. However, I think if your interested in a great gel pen that has a variety of colors with a mix of neon, metallic, and glitter than this would be a perfect brand to go for.

Just think, I can see gifting this for someone who loves to draw or as always gifting it to myself a few times after I run out! It's really just that wonderful!

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