Thursday, January 15

Gel Gliders Gel Pen Set by Bellbird Creations

Gel Gliders are very vibrant, bold and shimmers with every drawn picture or word. They really make the perfect Gel Pen Set, with every color you need from the rainbow and a few different ways to see them light up the page. I myself love how beautiful they write and easy too, since the gel glides all over the page.  Non of the pens came dry and all arrived to my house in perfect condition. 

The Gel Gliders give you the choice of 24 different colors, which are pastel, neon and glitter. I love how creative you can be with Gel Pens, and Gel Gliders make every part of doodling FUN!

If you want a gift idea or a gift for yourself this would be great. I know my mom enjoys gel pens, she just got into zentangle and I myself find it fun to just doodle away with or write. 

They are just a perfect way to bring color to any picture and when you got the right pen like these are on any paper of color or plain white, than it's just the perfect pen.
For the price, it is like half of what I afforded for a pack in the craft store. So it's definitely a great pair of pens for your wallet and for you to enjoy, which I am when ever I can!

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