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Garren Fitness Maximiza Push-up Bars

Garren Fitness Maximiza Push-Up Bars are made of high quality Chrome Steel, not those cheaply made ones sold for less. I find if your going to want something to last, you want the best! That is why I enjoy using the Maximiza Push-up Bars. They aren't weak enough for a person to easily break in half, which happen to a cheap metal indoor cycle my grandma had. 
Two come in the package and you don't need to remember which is left and which is right
because they both shaped the same way.

Instead, this product is made strong to last long and support you to doing your many different style push-ups. It sort of reminds me of taking it up another notch, a little helper than using your palms on the flat ground.

I feel so much more comfort with the bars, it's easier to know how far to go down and for beginners, it's just perfect. They do come in two sizes, but I have the classic 22mm which is perfect for lighter and smaller people, verse the 25mm which is perfect for stronger hands and larger people. I can only believe that either would be just as good, since I only have the classic 22mm.
under the handel

If you notice that it has a different shape and most on amazon are being sold similar and so up and down. I believe that plays a huge role, instead of sliding around with the rest, this is able to keep planted on the ground and not give you frustration with moving at every up and down.  I only tried it on a rugged floor and even than I had no problem, but I do believe wood or even outdoors would be just as fine.

This is a really nice made product, very well constructed and something I would give a 10 star rating if I had the chance. It really will get me that strong upper body I want.

Wonderful product!

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