Saturday, January 3

FaSoLa Plastic Storage Basket

Baskets are wonderful for holding things, from large to small products. The FaSoLa Plastic Storage Basket is perfect for doing just that and keeping things organized in my house. The ability to buy more and stack comes in handy, but even just one keeps my drawers and shelf products in order and neatly placed.

Nice weaved basket look and soft to the touch, not your typical plastic basket!
I love the beautiful colors they have to offer, reminds me of Easter. They are well made and strong enough to hold any small to large item. The mesh design reminds me of a traditional large laundry basket, but instead it's a perfect holder for my makeup, beauty products and even beauty tools.
Perfectly rounded corners on all 4 sides
Nice flat bottom, keeps it evenly planted on any surface.
I love the size, which is large and the color pink. However, any size they have and color would be lovely as well. The large does enough to keep everything I need or have
in place and organized. Plus, the pink just goes well with my room.

Enough space to organize my lotions, face creams, and many more beauty
 products on my dresser.
Just a perfect fit!

I really think this product is beautiful and well crafted. Also, unlike many baskets this must be my first one I ever owned that was ECO-friendly, which is a lovely perk!

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