Tuesday, January 20, 2015

FaSoLa Household Products Review

I have below a list of wonderful items from FaSoLa, for all your household needs. They provide the top of the line, high quality items you could use everyday. So, I'm so thankful to be able to review these items as they truly really do help and are wonderful to own!

These are wonderful for those who have fear of using public bathrooms or just want a comfortable and clean surface to sit on. I myself hate germs, so I always find myself highly loving this product! It really keeps the seat  feeling comfortable and can be reused and washed as often as needed.

Very soft, like a blanket or stuffed animal

The back side has a sticky backing that holds tight to the toilet bowl, but can be removed by peeling off.

However, it comes in only one size, and can fit only a small seat, perfect for a small round toilet bowl not a large/long toilet seat. I really do love these and they come in so many colors, I have the pink, but you can have either the blue, pink, green, white.

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I hate a cold toilet bowl seat and my house gets very chilly, especially the bathroom. The FaSoLa Toilet Bowel Cover is so comfortable and keeps the seat warmer, than without. I feel like I'm sitting on a blanket and not a cold seat, which isn't comfortable. I think for the color it gives the look of the seat a lovey look and fits perfectly over the seat. However, it works to fit only nice round seats not large ones. If you have a large seat it won't fit, but if yours is the nice round small toilet bowl seat, it'll fit fine.

The cloth is so stretchable and allows for you to easily adjust and pull on over your seat, not to much work to install and just remember the comfort you'll have after your done setting it up! 

I really think it's a lovely product and at a great price because I've always seen these to come with a whole set and sometimes you just want the one part, which is all I needed and this is the perfect product. You know what, this seat cover actually feels like microfiber cloth. So really it isn't any way rough or painful because it's just as smooth, soft like a soft microfiber cotton towel. 

I love also you can wash it and reuse, no need to waste it after one use. This is just a wonderful toilet bowl cover, and so comfortable!

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Need a place to store things, than this is perfect. Not only is it the perfect size in the house, which I have the larger size and you can get smaller, but it's made of ECO friendly material and

you can really feel the difference. It isn't anything like plastic and comes in such a beautiful color, which there are total three colors to choose from. Each color reminds me of Easter or spring, but just beautiful no matter which you buy.

Lovely weave pattern on the lid and container.
I love the design and color!
I find that this is used often in my house, and to store things away from dirt or dust is always needed! The lid easily goes on and snaps into place. I can fit my crafting supplies, like yarn for crocheting or my scrap-booking items as well. However, I find this to be perfect for my collectibles, and keeping my video games in perfect condition. 

This is the smaller box, but still can fit many products easily.

This is just one beautiful container, not those ones you find in any store. I am proud to have gotten this brand container because it really is durable, perfect size and so lovely inside the house. Also, the price is just as close to those ones you get in the store, that don't qualify as safe and ECO friendly. Plus, those usually just don't look great in the room, but with this product your getting something nice to look at and not just an old storage box.

One of the best brands for containers! 

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The Pill Case is the perfect size to fit your pills and go any place, even on vacation. I think for myself it has enough room to store my vitamins, a few of my larger pills and best of all I can 
even carry a few Tylenol if ever needed for a migraine or something. 

Plenty of compartments to hold pills of all sizes, even other items.
Opens up and unfolds to three different storage areas.

Each part has separate door ways, keeping your pills or other products from combining.

Nice large space on top
Enough space is what you get with this case, and its easy to snap open or close.
I don't have to use so much pressure or effort to keep it shut or to open it up. I'm even thinking for the price, durability and amount of space in the case, to actually buy a few more
for my Mom and my Grandmas, as they have many more pills to take daily. 

Perfect for long pills or even sewing needles.
This is a lovely case, Very easy to clean and what I love best 100% BPA Free, nothing toxic about it!

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