Sunday, January 11

Eyeshadow Collections By Giselle Cosmetics

Eyeshadow is a wonderful product to make your eyes POP! Today I have two wonderful collections by a company known as Giselle Cosmetics. They product the best high quality mineral makeup that can not only be used for your eyes, but your lips and nails. These products are vibrant and are all about being seen and looking lovely!

This is a a wonderful collection of colors, they just are the boldest in the container and on the face. Sometimes, you get those ones that only appear good as seen in the jar, but this product your getting the exact color from jar to face.

I love how vibrant and almost like a blend of the sea and tropical sands of a Caribbean.  The colors go on smooth and stay on, until you wipe them off. One thing I love about mineral makeup is that it's good for your skin and not full of chemicals. I really love this product!

You can find this product at the link below:

Now this is a wonderful array of colors! They remind me of my love for pinks and the sweetness of candy! I love how they glitter and sparkle, but bring my eyes more attention. I love the dark pink as it shows a lot more, but the rest are just a great. 

Since I'm darker skin toned, the darker colors shine out more, but I can just easily blend a few and voila perfection! However, I love all these colors and just all the fun things you can do with them. You could make nail polish or add to your lips for some color and just have your entire face matching your eyes.

I really love Giselle Cosmetics, they just have colors that I adore and don't find easily at these wonderful prices any place else!

You can find this product at the link below:

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