Thursday, January 22

Emergenecy Key chain and Touchless Soap Dispenser Review

Below are two wonderful products I've reviewed for safety and to use in the house.

This Emergency Alarm Key chain is very loud, but small. You wouldn't think of it being an emergency device, but a cute little doll on your purse, bag, or where every you place it.

I love that it's nothing huge, but something really cute! It has a loud sound that alarms anyone that someone is hurting your or attacking. I think it's perfect around my neighborhood, where the police are going up and down the road often.

Pull the top off and a loud sound ( loud enough to  scare your dogs) comes out.

Great product, for protecting your kids and even for your self.

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I think these are the greatest way to keep your germs from spreading. I love that i just put my hand under the top and the sensor on the bottom and top alerts it to 

send out soap. It's easy to fill and clean up!

Sits nicely on the counter.
A simple item that can save you from getting germs all over the house. It's also a lovely stainless steel design perfect for any room or home. I just adore this in the kitchen, but can so use it in the bathroom too.

Great product!

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