Wednesday, January 7

DIY Kleancolor Black Madly Matte Checkerboard Pattern Kit

I love Kleancolor for the wonderful and bright colors they provide, but the DIY Kleancolor Black Madly Matte Checkerboard Pattern Kit  is totally awesome! I never really just wear black, but with this kit you can make a cool checkerboard design that works with the black matte.

Black Polish
Clear Polish
Nail Strip

I had a friend actually test it because the other day I had a problem with one of my nails breaking all the way down, so instead my Mom took the test of the product.

We didn't do the full checkerboard yet, but we tried the matte out, and plan to do the board effect afterwards. Hopefully by than I can get my nails done!

This polish really did come out nice on her nails, it actually made them stand out and what we both enjoyed was how well it dried and the bottles have such a nice top that make opening a breeze. 

Directions to do the checkerboard design.

I think the kit together is a wonderful set and a great way to get party ready or just for anytime you want to make you nails look snazzy! No need to get it professionally done this kit really is all you need and the directions that come with it make it even simpler to follow and get it right the first time.

Totally awesome kit, LOVE IT!!

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