Thursday, January 8

Divine Skin & Cosmetics Mosaic Bronzing Powder

I love this Mosaic Bronzing Powder by Divine Skin! It's gives you a perfect way to highlight your face, and give you a beautiful glowing finish. I think that the best part is what is inside the product, Vitamins C and E. Plus, such a product is great for those who can't wear certain makeup due to allergies. 

Easy to open and close .

The product is Hypoallergenic and Paraben-free, something that every product even cheap brands should include!  I love how it goes on to my skin and gives me a lovely shimmer and natural bronzing. I feel so natural and yet it makes my face completely smooth and brings out a nicer tone to my skin. I think it makes my face look terrific and even on it's own with out eye shadow or lipstick, I feel it makes my face just look like I've got a smooth complexion and a nice natural glow around my face.

Love the mirror, so nice and large enough to see your entire face ,
 while applying the bronzing powder.

Between you and me, I think you will love how easy it is to blend, and smooth it goes on. 

Truly a great product! Plus, they provide two other types and I have the Bonfire Beach.

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