Wednesday, January 14

DiGiYes Speakers Review

Two wonderful creations by DIgiYes, that will have your phones or tablets playing crystal clear sound through out the room.

DiGiYes Mini Mushroom Appearance Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Love the bright colors to this Bluetooth Speaker and it's simple layout. No difficulty to read the buttons and it easily suctions to the shower wall or wherever your sticking it. I love that it doesn't get ruined by water because most water proof is just a touch of water is ok, but drenching it is off limits. 

However, this one you can soak it and still have it playing crystal clear! 

This is a truly awesome product to own and travels well too!

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I love how nice it holds my phone up while I listen to the music or video I have playing. The color is nice and bold and the product itself is strong and easily suctions the the phone 
with out the case. However, I tried and you can use it with the case, just it wouldn't work too much with a fabric/leather type but ok with a simple hard case. 

It really is a nice and easy stereo, plus it gives the phone a perfect angle when suctioned together. So you really can still use the phone and not have it tipping over or uncomfortable to use.I love the design and the sound plays ok too.

Also, You don't have to use it for a stand, I'd even suction it to my wall and have it play as a regular bluetooth speaker. Its very versatile and useful in different ways, nice design!

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

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