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Danischoice Headbands Review

The shop known as Danischoice provides such beautiful headbands, from cat ears to big bows, they all are fun and fabulous! 
I have here five wonderful headbands that are beautiful and fashionable.

The headband is not only as big as it says in the title, but it's sparkling with the sequence all through out. I love how it sits perfectly on top of my head, no digging or irritation caused by it 
being worn for an entire day.

The bow doesn't fall flat, or weep over as the day goes by. The weight is so evenly balanced that it keeps perfectly straight up.  I never would find a headband this size and style in any other store near me, so finding it at Danischoice is a great find!  

You could wear it for parties, for your everyday fun and fashionable style or just anytime of the year! No doubt, I'll be using this often!  

It's such a adorable and sexy bow that just finishes off any outfit, like a cherry on top of a sundae.

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I always enjoy wearing a different piece of clothing, accessory or piece of jewelry to make my outfit pop! I don't want to be the same as everyone else, wearing one color, always matching fabrics, and never inspiring a new style.

So once I seen this headband, all I could think was Fabulous! I mean most of the time, you only can see what is listed on the site, but sometimes it's hard to know what the style or item really looks like until you have it in your hands. 

This Headband with the Rhinestone Heart is gorgeous! I mean if I could tell the creator how I felt I'd give them an A+++ in creation. It is like a piece of eye candy!  

The Heart that shines at every turn, is totally covered with Rhinestones. The Pearls around the ears and headband is evenly spaced an so fancy. I feel like I'm wearing my jewelry on my head, so different and yet it feels like a crown.

What I really adore is the cat ears. The one thing I really always wanted was a pair of ears to wear out, that doesn't have to be classified as a Halloween costume. However, this is far from being a costume piece. It is the most adorable headband I'll ever own. 

If I could I'd wear this every single day! 

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Out of all the headband color choices, I have the lovely silver .  However, each color they have available is beautiful. These are perfect for a costume party, or a special occasion. The ears are evenly positioned on the head and stay straight up, no falling over or uneven balance.

I love the sequence and the way it fits around the head. I haven't felt any pain or discomfort that most headbands give you after awhile. You will be shocked how big these really are and how beautiful the sequence is, throughout the ears. 

I know it may seem silly, but I'd even wear them off to the store because that is just how beautiful they are!  Hip-pity Hop all the way to the store and back, haha. They are just a gorgeous pair of ears and can make anyone share a smile just 
looking at them. 

A wonderful pair of ears!

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Rhinestone Rabbit Ear Steel Headband

These are so adorable and fancy! The little ears are all on one side, with beautiful Rhinestones going down each ear. It's very stylish and fashionable! Something you could wear out any day of the week with a dress, a normal causal outfit or just any time of the day(if you want!)

I love the fit and the silver is very reflective to light, making it shimmer at every side.

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Another beautiful pair of ears on this headband! The ears are also decorated with shimmering Rhinestones and fits perfectly snug on the head so you won't have to worry about it sliding off. I love these as well as all the beautiful ears they have and fashionable styles .

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