Monday, January 5

Custom Homestead 36 Fancy Rectangle Mini Chalkboard Labels

Having a 36 Fancy Rectangle Mini Chalkboard Labels could leave you with so many different and fun things to label! These are so cute, and can bring the attention of your eyes directly to the sign. It fits easily on any flat surface, so glass can be OK, so can wood, and metal products. You really can stick these any place and re-stick them again and again!

You can peel them off and re-stick them on anything.
They acts like mini chalkboards, and make for a decorative design.

They are the best reusable labels to own, when you need to write down different titles to a product, or to even add to your guests cups at a party you're hosting. I wish I knew about these in the past, I would used them for all my house parties. 

However, I can say for being a creative DIY person, I love making use of old things. So if I'm storing sugar, screws or homemade anything I can now easily label it and have it 

fit in my room nicely!

This is just a beautiful way to present things and a fun way to use chalk!

The Custom Homestead 36 Fancy Rectangle Mini Chalkboard Labels are a very creative product and if your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

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