Saturday, January 10, 2015

CreaProducts Original CreaClip Set

A better way to trim your own hair and easier too, if your not a professional.  I find it be easy to ask my mom or go pay cash to get my hair trimmed, but with the CreaClip I am able to make even trims by myself. I don't have to wait or spend 30 dollars for a trim every few months. 

Two sizes included in the kit with directions.

I find using this product to cut or trim my hair is wonderful! It really is easy to use, and allows for even trimming every time. the sizes work for every hair length and size and the comb inside the clips make it easy to glide through the hair separating each strand so you can easily clip them at the bottom evenly.

Level on each clip making it easy to cut angels or straight across.
Each have a raised comb like middle to allow for easy separation while sliding down your hair.
At the side there is a clip to lock close or to open.

This product comes with everything you need to trim your hair and is so simple to use. The level is wonderful for the even cuts and  the scissors are perfect trimming scissors for getting an even and nice trim, not causing the hair tip to split even more. I love that now I can do my own trim without my mom's help or paying money to get it done.

This product makes hair trimming a cinch! Love it!

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