Wednesday, January 14

Buddha Board's Mini Buddha Board

The Buddah Board is such a wonderful product for relaxation and a way to escape a block in your path of work or feeling alive! All it takes is water and you to be express yourself freely!
I really think the company came out with something therapeutic because it is very relaxing. It doesn't take a lot of effort to use, and no pain to have fun with! 

All you need is some water and a peaceful room or some nice meditation music to feel the flow of inspiration in your body. It really will help you
banish those road blocks in your life. Maybe your like me, getting depressed and I mean it's true I have a problem with feeling sad or just not up for anything. I figure
there's no harm in trying something that is meant to relax and help. Plus, it's got some benefits of being a creative product as well and I love art!
Sides have a little area for your brush to sit in

So after I cleared my mind, had a light and meditating rainfall sound playing in the background, some essential oils diffusing and the board in front of me, I was ready!
Of course, you don't need all of this, but this is just what I felt would make it feel even more relaxing. I took out the small brush from the water and began just 
putting things that I felt were making me feel angry, scared, nervous and just anything that was on my mind. 

To see the images disappear was like having them banished from my mind and body! It's like if your taking the thing that is harming your mind, making you feel unsure or scared or just lost, and than putting it on the mini Buddah Board and watching it just vanish, it's like saying good bye to your problems and leaving you with a clear start, no more worries. 

I think for the most part it's very enjoyable, relaxing and does help. I can say it has some therapeutic benefits causing you to feel like yourself again, alive.
Just make sure you want change and if you need to add a few extra relaxing items in the room like some lavender or sandle wood incenses or just have a cup of tea/hot cocoa and get in an even more calming, enjoyful mood.

However, with the product being easy to clean and use, I think anyone could own this and have fun even children. One best part, it will last a long long time!

If you want to also take a view of the board in action, the Buddah Board as a Youtube video of the board in use:

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

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