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Brightech Audio Receivers, Led Lights, and Charger Reviews

Now I heard of portable car jump starters for cars and external batteries, but this is the first one I ever seen that works for both your car and your electronics. Instead, of just buying a product that will power your electronics, you could get something that supports the car too. 

It really takes charging to the next level! I mean if we are using our devices often, than I agree an external battery can come in handy. However, I tend to drive places and my car has a tendency to not start, which is a fear of mine. Therefore, owning a product that keep things going and not my devices only, but my car is wonderful!

Also, I don't know much about using jumping cables or have a pair of my own. So to be able to carry around a light weight product that easily plugs in and clips on to your battery to charge it up.

charge devices is included

So even owning this is great for emergencies, which could be something anyone could use and not need to drag a huge box everyplace. I think it's a really awesome product, different and very helpful for charging any battery.

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I think this is wonderful to get your car an upgrade! The Bluetooth Kit includes everything you need to set your car up easily into a Bluetooth acceptable vehicle.

Very simple to set up, by plugging it to the car's outlet and paring with the device you want to allow work with it. Plus, you still can take incoming calls with the Microphone. 

Great product, simple set up!

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Wonderful globe like lights that can be placed indoors and out. I like how perfectly round they are and a total of 25, that make a perfect amount around my Gazebo. 

They are all on a green line with a warm white light color. It really is also easy to set up, and doesn't arrive all tangled or messy. I find it perfect for my summer grilling parties or 

anytime during the warmer months, that my family get together outdoors. 

Terrific product, and lovely globe shaped lights.

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A really nice Bluetooth Speaker that doesn't have a complicated set up. You just pair and your ready to go! the design is sharp and the ability to be used outdoors because it's water resistant and shock proof is also great.

I like that it can last for 6-10 hours without needing to be recharged and size is perfect for carrying around, without being weighed down.

You can easily stick it in your backpack or suitcase and have a stereo when you want to use it. 

really a nice square designed product and loving the color and its clear sound that comes from it.

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I really like how I can make my old non Bluetooth product into a Bluetooth playing device. It really is a great small product that easily plugs into your stereo and even an older computer and allows you to play your music from your products that can connect with the receiver, like your phone.

It's easy to pair and if your lost the directions explain it all, as well as setting it up.

Easy and a great way to upgrade an older product that doesn't have Bluetooth.

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A new way to play your music and charge at the same time! Love when things come with multiple uses. It really does save you time, money and allows you to keep enjoying your time outdoors or in without stopping.



I can now charge my phone while playing the music loaded on it. It's also a very nice rectangular device that allows for crystal clear sound. I think its a perfect gift, or even just for yourself type product. You can travel and play your favorite songs or have

a video going and watch it, while hearing it through the speakers.

Very nice product and easy to pair. Nothing complicated here, so anyone can easily use this and get the benefit of a charger and stereo all in one!

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First, the wire that the lights are on is copper and allowing you to form a shape or however you would like to wrap them around anything. It is easy to set up and stick the solar panel into the ground. 

Just make sure that the solar panel is able to get enough sun because that will cause for not enough power to fuel the lights. However, it's a wonderful white light set and looks beautiful through out the night. I use mine around the garden and sometimes I buy a few

to go around the porch. They really do last long and don't seem to have a problem with a light rainfall, but I would try to keep them away from any where the weather could hit or blow them down.

However, it really is a nice set and the white is very lovely at night! 

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These are a nice traditional LED Warm light color. They light up like stars, yellow and bright. The solar panel goes into the ground easily and absorbs all the light to keep these powered on.

I use to own a pair, before giving them away to a friend. Unlike the older set I had it was not solar powered and needed an outlet. I really like how this works and doesn't need an outlet, so I can place them further away from my house or anyplace where sun can be absorbed.

This is a wonderful and easy to form a shape or around a product easily. Great set for any home or outdoors.

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Bring on the colors! This is a wonderful copper wired LED light. Instead of the old yellow or white light, you get a multi-color strand of 20ft LED Lights. 

I love when they go on during the night, how beautiful they glow and light up with all those colors.  It really is easy to set-up, just allow the sun to do most of the work and 

your ready to enjoy the night. However, make sure it gets enough sun during the day, and if it's not sunny it won't work as much or at all. However, on a sunny day I get a long night of 
bright and beautiful rainbow colors shining all night long.

No batteries or outlets needed, wonderful product!

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I like this because it isn't your regular Bluetooth Receiver, but also a product that allows for better sound quality. I think my older devices that need Bluetooth or could use it, don't really have great sound. However, when I use this small adapter on my stereo it allows the music coming from it, to play so much clearer and better like I get from sticking in a CD of my favorite song. It's not static or sound like the beat is off, but just crystal clear and easy to understand what the song is saying or about.

I think its a easy to use product, and really does improve my old devices.

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Not a bag set of lights. It isn't solar powered, but it goes right into an outlet and allows for a beautiful yellow stary light look. It blinks and almost resembles the stars in the sky. I think this is a wonderful set for outdoors and doesn't seem to bad to have up in the rain, but I like to keep it under or away from any weather problems.

I had a pair in the past that didn't last long because of the horrible weather, rain and wind. So I really think it works best out of the way from any bad weather. 

You easily can install it and wrap it or shape it any place you like. I love that I can put it around something and not have a LED light bulb blow out, because it's meant to be shaped or placed as you please and doesn't have those large bulbs that you get in a traditional light set, non LED. 

It really is a nice way to brighten up your outdoors and is beautiful!

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