Sunday, January 11

Belt Hole Puncher by Pro-Master

I love the Pro-Master's brand of a Belt Hole Puncher, being that they made it so much easier on the hands verse the traditional types. You really can take grab of this tool and punch the hole you want in a belt easily, without so much effort. Almost makes me feel like a job that would be painful on the hands to do, just be came a piece of cake!

I love the comfort handle and the lever has that two sections, which makes it easy to close and open. The holes are up to you because it comes with so many different sizes to choose from.

It really could replace or become your new favorite tool for punching holes. I don't use it just for leather belts or synthetic ones, but I find it to work for other craft projects in card making, scrap booking and pretty much anything I ended to place a certain size hole into.

Terrific product!

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