Friday, January 2, 2015

BASEUS iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case -Top PC + PU Classial Color - Brief - Durable - Slip to answer/off calls -Anti-Scratch -Big-Window Modern Leather Case for iPhone 6 Plus 5.5"

The BASEUS iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case is really a nice light weight case and very thin. I love the colors BASEUS puts out as a brand. To me their products are always in nice bold colors and can be for anyone.

Front view

Inside view

The red color I have is actually like a nice bold color. It really is something though, the inside as well as out is a nice soft and smooth feeling. The Screen is protected by a inside the product, once you close the top cover. In away it reminds me of a wallet, but without the extra slots for cards. 

Side view
However, you can transform this to sit up and allow you to play games, watch movies or just about anything in a side view. I actually like that because it makes it easier for me to do things n the side, plus no need to find something to stand it up with while outside or at a restaurant.

Back view
Pretty nice product, and loving the quality as well as the color.

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