Monday, January 5

Anker® 4-Slot Card Reader with Built-in 0.4ft Cable

This product is wonderful! I've been waiting to find something just like this and I'm glad I found Anker's 4-Slot Card Reader. It not only reads card size for memory, but it reads Micro SD Cards, your regular size SD Cards and size cards.

I love that I found this type of reader, it surely is better than a one slot size card reader for your regular size SD Cards or the ones that do just Micro Size. I can't really stand having so many products and since one of mine broke, I can't even transfer or rewrite files on my regular size SD Cards. So to have this, now I can change those files and much more on other SD cards I have.

It's easy to use, plug and play. Just like those games they make now a days, you just plug it in and your ready to go! It is just a simple and easy gadget, so worth the purchase!

Save yourself time and money and just buy one reader, which isn't even bulky, huge or just impossible to store. It can even be ported anyplace with your computer.
I fit it easily in the laptop bag I have. So it's always with me.

Great product!

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