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Amber Crown - Amber Teething Necklaces for Babies

I have below 3 beautiful necklaces from AMBER CROWN. They are so perfect for teething for your child. Since, Amber is known to have healthy benefits to keep your child from pain while teething and reduce drooling by the way it stimulates the thyroid gland. 
My reviews and the three are listed below.

This is a lovely natural looking Amber necklace. It has a clear look of Amber, with a natural green tint through out. I love how each pieces of the necklace is all naturally shaped and polished smooth.

The golden Honey and Amber color reminds me of sweetness for the neck. It is so golden in color and of course they are all clear beads, but well polished. I love that you can even notice on each of these necklaces that knots in between keeping them from breaking apart. 
However, if it does happen the knots between each bead keeps them from all breaking off( less mess). 

I remember having a few necklaces and bracelets my mom made that broke and the seed beads would be all over. 

I love this as much as the other three. It's color is mix of different colors that are so bright and sunny and natural. Almost like a sweet candy necklace of Amber. 

I think anyone of these are really lovely. They all are created the same with the knot, but the only difference is the beads color. It's a perfect 12.5 inch to fit a babies neck easily.
I think if your like me and want the best for your child, I feel the AMBER CROWN brand is a great choice and one of my number one picks for Amber Teething Necklaces!

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