Wednesday, January 7

Alaska Bear Silk Eye Mask and Silk Gloves Review

I have two wonderful products by Alaska Bear. The one is a pair of Pure Silk Gloves and the other a Silk Eye Mask. The silk is exquisite and feels just wonderful on the skin, not your typical cotton or synthetic products.

A nice pair of gloves, using 100% silk. These Alaska Bear® 100% Pure Silk Gloves Thermal Liner Glove are keeping my hands warm and feel so light on.
You can barely even tell your wearing thing on your hands by the weight. 

The versatility is great, can be used for any outdoor activity, any season and just about any place. The size choice is wonderful thing, never have to fear buying
the wrong size when it comes to a nice and high quality material made product! I just can't stand one size, even if the size you need is larger than what one size can fit or smaller.

I think anyone who buys this or gifts it, would be thankful to own! They are just a great pair of gloves.

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These are very large and cover a good amount of her eyes and stay close to your head. I really do like that it blocks out the light from anything.

The Silk is very soft on my face and feels really nice.  However, Unlike cotton it is so much smoother and doesn't feel like a cloth.

Terrific pair with the small carry case, so I'll never be without it while traveling.

wonderful product!

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:
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