Saturday, January 24

AFAITH 7in1 Kit For Smart Phones

The AFAITH 7in1 Kit is a wonderful kit full of items you could use to make taking photos even better. From the tripod to the mono-pod and remote, this is a wonderful, inexpensive way to get a great shot. 

2 Lens with a bag to hold them and the clip for the lens
The kit includes:

  • Two different lens that attach the clip
  • A mono-pod pole for shooting better selfies and portraits with yourself included
  • Tripod pole
  • the mounting attachment for these poles
  • a remote to use the camera from a distance


It's a beautiful beginner set and you don't need to buy anything for taking photos at a distant. 

I love the set and it works for me, does what I need!

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

Thank You

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