Monday, January 26

Adovia Dead Sea Bath Salts -100% Pure

I have to say that sea salt is great on food, but to use in other things like homemade facial scrubs is also a wonderful thing! Not only does it take off dead skin, but it makes it super soft.

I love using the Dead Sea Salt by Adovia on my entire body. I make a nice mixture of olive oil and Dead Sea Salt to create this type of scrub for the entire body. It works to clean my dead skin off easily and for the most of the time, I use just the sea salt on my face with some other facial wash that works for deep cleaning, so it becomes an exfoliant scrub.

I so far say that product comes in perfect condition, nice large crystals and that is perfect for scrubs. I know that dead sea salt is really good for you and I have to say compared to a regular Epsom salt, your getting more mineral power to treat your body with.
Plus the benefit for easing Psoriasis, Eczema and Arthritis, which Is great! 

A wonderful, honest product I can trust to use daily and not hurt or harm my skin any chance with every use!

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