Friday, January 9

Acu-Life Therapod: Heat & Cold Therapy

The Acu-Life Therapod is a wonderful product that really does two in one for pain relief. I can do some shoveling of snow, since we got hit the other day and end up with an aching shoulder pain, but when I use this it really does help! So glad I got this in time for the weather, it really comes in handy. 

One side is for heating and one is for cooling.
When using the cooling side you would insert the gel pack and have the blue facing out,
and the opposite for heating as you heat the beads in the microwave

Velcro side  for cooling pack

Insert the cold pack into the side and velcro shut, if using for cooling.
Remember to freeze the pack before use.
I also can use it after any work out, which helps when I begin using a new muscle and end up feeling that achy pain you get the next day. It really helps take the pain away, and soothes it almost like a cream/lotion, such as Tiger Balm. 

Cooling my shoulder
Cooling my knee

I really love how it gives you the choice between cool and hot heat on the direct area. It can even be used for migraines, which I do get most of the time and normal headaches. 

Heating my leg 
The velcro strap is large enough to fit around many hard to reach areas, and unlike those pads that you place on your body and toss, you can reuse this as much as you like. 

Finally, it's easy to use, store, and take where ever. You really can get a lot of use from this Therapod and the entire family could benefit from it as well!

Great product!

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