Tuesday, January 20

Acrylic Paint- By Gallery 9

The  Acrylic Paint by Gallery 9 paint is very bright and bold, just as you see in the color of the bottles. It comes out smooth and easily is able to spread through out the painting or decoration your doing. I've found no lumps or dry areas, but just beautiful bright color.

I think for the price and the ten large(2oz) that don't crack after drying, is great and the free ebook that is included is even better! The reason I enjoy this brand so much more is that it's made without strong odors( smells almost fruity), and non-toxic. Many paints are very hard to use because of the odors and get become flaky and crack up easily after awhile.

I haven't seen one that could stay so smooth and be used on the many different things I love to use, like cardboard or regular thick paper and end up allowing me to finish after a few hours!

My goal is to finally create that Under Water Scene I've been imagining for awhile, with these paints I am sure it would be one of my best. However, what I've done so far is create a few small paintings to give the colors a try and blend them as well.

Great product, worth every cent!

Video Demonstration

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