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4you2 products 15 Piece Artist Brush Set Grey Handles with Silver Ferrule and White/Grey Bicolored Bristles

The 4you2 15 Brush Set are really different than your typical tan brush handle. They have a beautiful and sleek color, but it also feels good in the hands. You can really take a nice grasp on them and begin painting. The amount you get is perfect for anyone, it isn't complicated or packed with so many brushes that you might not know which one to use. Instead,you get 15 pieces, that are different sizes and the brushes have all different angles. 

15 Brushes
Right side, with the larger brushes
Right side, smaller brushes
The case is perfect for carrying around with you. However, many cases are just rolling ones, this is actually a nice zippered case that allows you to keep the brushes standing up once opened. You won't have to have your brushes laying down or buy a separate container to just keep them standing, the case does it for you. Something I never had before is a case that keeps your brushes up in an angled position, away from lying them on the table.  

You can velcro easily by removing top part and velcro it to the second lower level. 

You can velcro both, or just one, the sides are separate.

All you have to do is use the velcro and transform it to a flat portable bag to a stand. Just a terrific way to travel and keep them elevated when ready to use.

Finally, what I really love is:

  • Zipper Carrying Case => easy to port around and protects the bristles and organizes the brushes.
  • 15 different brushes => wonderful for different shapes and thickness during painting.
  • Nice black color => looks professional and fancy
  • no strands left behind => not a cheap paint brush that leaves you strands in your artwork, this hasn't left me picking any out after every use.
  • Case turns into a stand => keeps my brushes up and at a view-able angle. Easier to grab and no need to place them in a separate container to hold them up! 
Wonderful hoop to hold in your hands, on the bag or tuck in  the case if not in use.

I really think the entire product, is wonderful! I wouldn't write this review if I didn't like it.

I am a huge lover of art and painting is one of those things I really love to do. The one thing I get frustrated with is left behind hairs of a paint brush and the way it glides on the surface your painting on.

These are an excellent pair of brushes and very well designed case!

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