Friday, January 9

2 New TaoTronic Solar Lights

These two lights I have to review are all powered by one source, the sun. No need for batteries because the sun will take care of it for you.

This is a wonderful light, charged by the sun. The bright LED really is view-able and as for the sensor, it picks up anything that comes near or by the light. It's easy to assemble and with the sun blazing all day, you'll have it charged for a good long night.

Large solar panel on top.
I use it by my porch, so when it's dark and I'm near the steps I can see where I'm going without tripping or falling over the stairs. It really is able to be used any place outdoors, but just make sure the large panel isn't covered or your light will not turn on. You do need to let it get enough sun light to have it work properly.

Large LED light and sensor located on the bottom.
However, this is a wonderful product and I always love Taotronic for their LED products, plus solar makes it so much better!

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The LED Light is well designed, and isn't your typical black colored light for the outdoors. Instead, you have a nice shiny silver outer part and a huge bright and LED light.  The top is also another large size, that can absorb in plenty of sunlight during the day and keep it powered and ready to use during the night.

It really reminds me of a spotlight during the night. It immediately turns on once something comes near the sensor zone.  It really does a great job sensor anybody around the light, even animals. 

Large solar pannel located on top.

I usually place these by my house or in the garden by the bird feeders, so I can take a view of what may be lurking around or if possibly I need to go to the garden. I can see my way through. Plus, everything is included, so you have nothing to worry about, but attaching it 

(which is easy) and allowing the sun to do the rest.

LED light on the bottom with sensor.

A really nice product, and best of all no batteries needed!

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