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2 NEW Aukey Wall Charger Reviews

Below I have reviewed two new Aukey USB Chargers for travel and home use.

I love this for carrying around with me and using it with my smartphone. Not only can I keep a charge in an outlet, but no more need for a computer when I have none around me.

This makes traveling easier, and best yet I can charge my handheld game system as well!  

Allows you to suction-cup the charger to stay in-place.
Add the green suction cup pad and it holds the Aukey 6-Port Charger
 to your desk or where every you place it!
Back side, where you can insert the power cord
I'm a huge lover of video games and what I hate is when there is no way to play them if you need a USB Port to do so, but with the Aukey Travel USB Charger it becomes no problem.

Honestly you really can charge anything! Just think of it as your travel or home buddy that makes any USB plug into a wall charger. Plus, my big thing I love about this is it's got 2

USB Ports making it a double charger verse just one.

Really it is a great product and love the 2 USB Ports!

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Loving this Aukey Wall Charger, very easy to use and can charge 6 devices. You know sometimes I find it a bit difficult to have a multi-port charging station that plugs into the
USB Port on your computer or you need another adapter to make it into a wall outlet charger. It just seems like too much stuff to own and too much wires going everywhere. 

What I do love about this is it, frees my computer up and I can put this into a corner and when things need to be charge just plug all my devices in. No more waiting for one item to be done, when I can get them all in the same time. 

Plus, it's protected by over charging making it safe for any device and a faster way to charge a device.

Great product, which anyone can easily use.

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