Wednesday, January 7

2 New Aukey Chargers Review

2 New Additions just added to the Aukey line, and I had a chance to review, both. 

For me this is a great way to have a back-up battery power source, when you have nothing to charge your phone up with. I love that I can travel and use this no matter wherever I go!
My Samsung G3 works fine with this product and it charges pretty quick. 

Very simple sleek, white design and slim as well! It really can fit in a pocket or purse or even in your hand. It has a nice smooth outer part, but slim enough to feel as if your holding remote control, minus the buttons. 

Terrific product by Aukey, and love that it works with older devices as well as newer devices and tablets. Plus, keep in mind 3600 mAh is a good amount for charging your phone and tablets. Anything less wouldn't probably charge as fast as this device.

loving the product and design!

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You can use any device with the Aukey Turbo Charger, I mean it will reduce charging time and I was right back to surfing the internet on my phone and working! I was surprised, that the product doesn't lie about that! 

You can really save yourself time and charge multiple tablets and smart phones up faster and get right back to work. I really enjoyed this product! I can't believe how fast, and not for older devices, but even newer ones had a good result in charging time. You will be surprised how slow your regular cord for the phone you own or tablet you have is charging when you trade it up for an Aukey Turbo AC Wall Charger.

Terrific product, so thankful for these newer and updated gizmos, that companies are creating. In my opinion, they really make life a whole lot easier!

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

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