Saturday, January 3

16GB OTG USB Flash Drive for Cell Phones & PCs

16 GB OTG USB Flash Drive for Cell Phones & PCs is like a wonderful invention to save those files from your phone to put the computer or the other way around! I think it's a better way to not have to deal with a huge computer when you want to save some writing or music or games. Just pull out this flash drive and you have it at your finger tips! 

Micro USB Port for Cell Phone, Tablets Etc.
For the computer USB Port
Fits an old phone too!
Not only is it for the phone, but tablets and even the computer can use it. My Samsung is something I use constantly, and to have the ability to save my written up notes, take photos, and so much more  is just wonderful!

Compared to a lighter

Now I can work on the go, save things that I want to recall back too at home, and no more need to carry a PC if I don't want too.

I think for a product like this, which I never knew existed and so glad it does, it's my first ever USB Flash Drive that works for the Phone and not just the PC.

A truly awesome product, and well crafted to stay together and not break easily.

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