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ZhiZhu® LED Optical 4000 DPI USB 7 Button Wired Professional Game Gaming Mouse Mice 820/1600/2400/4000 DPI Adjustable for Pro Gamer

Gamers can now find comfort with this ZhiZhu LED Optical 4000 DPI 7 Button Mouse. it has many speeds to choose from, 4 total so you can find your comfort level. The shape is so stunning to look at, but really comfortable for the hand as well. I always feel like I'm able to glide smoothly with the shape, plus it fits my entire hand.

Sleek Design, perfect for the hand to be placed upon and very comfortable.

Nice long rope cord
USB cord, just plug and play no drive needed

I love the lights for each level of Dot Per Inch, also known as the DPI. Therefore, with the ability of seeing the color change, you don't need to remember what level your set at. There of course are 4 colors to begin with is red which is the 820DPI, 1600DPI green, 2400 blue, and 4000 the fastest in the color violet.  Some gaming mouses are a bit similar, but don't share a reminder to the level of DPI you are at once you played with the mouse last. 
Another thing is that  if you have another person or friend using the mouse for other things on the computer they can easily figure out what color you were at by clicking it back to it and they can click to what works for them. I always seem to stick to the 1600 DPI, but when I'm in a game I normally adjust up to the blue light, 2400.

The pinkish purple color 2400 DPI 

Green color light 820 DPI

However, after picking what color or well DPI is good for you, I notice it goes back to the color effect of changing to different colors. I actually like the color effect make's it fun to look at as well as as the comfort of choosing my speed.

The other wonderful thing is the long and durable cable cord. It's so flexible and rope like, that your not easily going to bend or break it, meaning a longer lasting gamer's mouse. 

Nice scrolling, very smooth
I think if you can relax your hand, while gliding the mouse during game play or either doing some work on the computer, than that makes a big difference and might even help you achieve your goal of winning or finishing at a faster time.I never had any problem using this mouse, it's already replaced my old and cheap mouse I got a few months back. 

Also to mention that it's not a complicated mouse even though it may look like it. You just plug and play, easy as pie! Your in charge of the 7 buttons, what you want them too do and the rest is up too you, if your going to be surfing the internet or playing a RPG game or even an MMORPG. 

Finally, all I can think of saying about this mouse is let the games begin, I'm ready to be top score!

Great device!

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