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WellnesScent Healthy Products Review

Here is a wonderful list of healthy products by WellnesScent. The company is providing you the products we need to keep healthy physically and mentally. The company has a line of wonderful Essential Oils and for those who enjoy Yoga, they also carry some wonderful Yoga products.

I have listed a few of the wonderful products WellnessScent has to offer and I got to review. 

I actually enjoy Frankicense as an Incense, and I'm always burning them. However, I really love the scent in the Essential Oil. It's very strong because it is the purest form.

What I never thought of actually that the use of it could help heal skin problems. I know it is great for massaging and meditation and relaxation, as the smell is very enjoyable. However,
I never thought of using it for a face treatment, wrinkles and acne.  

I must say, I was a little indifferent at first, but I decided to take my favorite moisturizer and add some Franincense to it. Kept to this for a few days and I can already see a faster improvement in recovery from the healing time for the acne I had on the side of my face and under my eyes the fine lines seem to be vanishing as well! 

I didn't know something that actually makes me think perfume, could be so helpful. Now my goal is to banish this huge scar on my leg, thanks to extremely hot steam!  However, I think I'd do it just the same as I did for the moisturizer. Just drop some of WellnesScent Frankincense into my lotion and apply daily.

It actually may be the treatment I needed than getting chemically processed stuff to heal a scar or just wait till it heals on it's own, which maybe over a year or two by how big it is. So hoping for the best, since my face is thanking me for using this product and I had positive results with it.

So for a really good, strong and 100% real Essential Oil, than I agree this is a terrific product to use!

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I love Tea Tree Oil! It's great for acne and great for keeping my skin healthy.  One big reason I love using this product by WellnesScent is because of the small and potent amount. I can use a small amount in some shampoo for dandruff, which it really does get rid of the flakes. I can also use it for my one main reason, germs!

I really do not like germs or being near anything filthy. I have a huge phobia about germs. I actually clean like every single day because of it! So to have Tea Tree Oil on hand I can create a sanitizer, since it does fight bacteria and all those bad gross forming germs that can cause illness. It's safer than any hand sanitize and natural!

This product is perfectly strong and powerful, something I need to have in the house every day! No more cheap mixed up with other products, Tea Tree Oil. I just want the real thing and 
WellnesScent is giving it to you straight from the plant to the bottle! 

Wonderful and highly recommended product!

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Oh my, this is true Peppermint! I can tell from the first time I opened the bottle how strong that scent is. I feel like my nose's nasal passage was opened up and I'm breathing in a minty lifesaver. Right away from the scent you can tell how strong this product is.  The benefits are wonderful as with all essential oils. 

What I find to be helpful with using mint, is for indigestion and stomach ache. This really can help you sooth that pain and like with any mint it's a wonderful and natural way to relive that pain fast!  I use to find chewing peppermint gum could help, but didn't like the effect of air getting trap in my gut as I chewed and the feeling of blowing up like a balloon and I'm not big on peppermint tea, but using a few drops of this and dropping a few drops into plain water or even in some chocolate milk or a smoothie makes it tasty and soothing. Plus, clears my stomach problem up!

I really think this is an awesome product. A great way to heal yourself naturally and in a strong minty or tasty way. However, there are many recipes you can use with this, I'm thinking next to try making some alternative muscle pain lotion/cream to ease joint and muscle pain after a work out.  

Really great product!

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Really terrific scents and a great yoga strap, really nice quality and beneficial for the body inside and out! A really great company and kind service as well!

Thank You

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Discolsure: " I was given this product for free in return for my honest opinion"