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Ugee EX05 Drawing Tablet

The Ugee EX05 Drawing Tablet is not your typical mouse pad with a stylus. This is actually a drawing device, set up to be used as a mouse pad with an entire sensitive touch pad
that allow you to sketch how thick or thin of a line you like, and the additional images on top are to navigate on your PC.

Insert a triple A Battery, into the back to get the stylus working 

Additional tips for stylus hidden in the stylus holder

The reason I love this device is because I love to draw and take note. The way this product works is almost like your taking a piece of paper and writing on it or drawing. You know with any paper the harder you press the more darker the lines and the lighter you press the lighter the lines. So with this in your hand you can decide how thick or thin and bold you want your design to be. Imagine as a fashion designer to sketch up your ideas on this would be easier, once you get to learn the functions and understand how hard or soft you should be pressing on the board.

Software to Install Tablet and Manual
The sleek slim black board is full of 13 keyboard shortcuts that would allow you to access different functions. A few of these shortcuts are Mail, Open, Save, Web, New and many others that are typically used when using a creative software.

Smooth stylus and thick for nice grip 
The Pen itself, like a stylus is slim as a pen and pencil and works with one triple A battery. It has the ability to erase and change lines by pressure used on the board. The Tablet is set up to hold the pen it comes with and be slim so you can easily hold and work with, but the sensitivity is enough to notice a small tap from your finger or a stylus, but that is something if your new to a device like this you'll need to get use too.

Plugs into USB Port 
Ugee EX05 Drawing Tablet is a nice compact size for drawing and not a typical toy because it would probably be hard for a child to pick up and handle, but for an adult or a student trying to get into sketching ideas for clothing, comics, touching up 
photos and more, would find this to be useful.

Additional selection on top of the tablet to use while drawing, creating and sketching.
The device can work with many of the creative softwares such as:
  • Manga Studios
  • Adobe
  • Photoshop
  • Autodesk Sketchbook Express
  • and many more
I have been using  8x5 Ugee EX05 Drawing Tablet for adding specific details to photos and sketching new looks and styles for different clothing designs. 

I myself am trying to get to understand different devices and new ways to engage into art. I want to try new things and for me drawing is something I love to do, but I do love to paint, scrapbook, take photos, etc. However, the computer is a tricky one, I always wanted to take my sketching to the PC and it isn't simple to do with a mouse. You don't have the right ability to glide easily as a stylus on the Ugee Tablet includes, you will need more time to change between erasing to size of your drawing utensil, and if you want to feel like your drawing something I think it would just feel more natural to hold a pencil/pen like stylus and a slim yet sturdy board as you would paper and pencil.

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