Saturday, December 27

Two New RAVPower Chargers

Here are two new RAVPower Chargers for your Smart Phones, Tablets and more!

The Apple Cable, is perfect for a back up or a just a speedier way to charge your Apple device.
I love that it works for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod, so it's not necessary to                 have separate connectors for each and you can just charge up all of the newer generation Apple products on one cord.  

The cord isn't one of those cheaply made types, that it won't cause the product to become ruined or not able to keep your device charged. I myself had so many times, ruined many of my power cords because I like to lean them up a certain way and it causes the cord to bend, making it only charge in that position. However, with this cord it has a better flexibility and strength, not making it easily able to break and talking from experience, this is a great choice for those who want to avoid replacing a cord every few months or in a year.

I really do like the design, color and durability of the cord. It really does come in handy, and I could always use it as backup cord that won't break after a few months.

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The RAVPower 4-Port High Speed USB Wall Charger is perfect for keeping multiple devices charging at the same time. The one thing that I love with these newer products is that they
build them to prevent over charging a device once it's fully charged. So if one of the 4 is done, than that product won't charge no more and the others will keep going.

It's really easy for anyone to use and saves a lot of space up for the many devices you use in your day!

Just plug the 4-Port USB Wall Charger into an outlet, than plug in any device you need charged and your good to go! 

Wonderful product!  Very useful for me and my multiple devices I own, which can be Apple or Android.

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