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Top Plaza Beauty and Fashionable Item Review

A wonderful arrangement of beautiful products can be found at Top Plaza and I was able to evaluate and review a few for you today. I have here for you 11 items that they provide for sale and many more on Amazon.

 The Snake that wraps around each of these Gemstones are beautiful and are made with beneficial metals for the body. So your also getting the health benefits that the real gemstones provide and from the mixed metal snack that wraps around each of them.
I find the design very appealing and perfect for creating lovely jewelry with. The loop on top is large enough to place a chain, leather rope or string through it. The silver is very shiny and yet the details of the snake is also very exact to the skin of a real snake.

The gems are equally beautiful as well, and of course no one is going to get the exact same one. 

If you are interested in creating necklaces and making gifts for someone or for yourself like I love to do, than this product is well created and provides a lovely detailed snake and charm for anyone's neck. A lovely set of six!

Here is where you can purchase this beautiful set:

A beautiful amethyst pendant, which has two different sides. One side is covered with a lovely floral design and the other side is where you can view the solid amethyst gemstone.

It's not super heavy and a perfect rain drop shape. The top loop where you can place the chain or cord your using to create this necklace. The color is what attracts my eyes! 
It has a super dark and close to being a marble like purple. I adore the floral design on each side, and the color is just magnificent! 

Here is where you can purchase this beautiful Amethyst Waterdrop Pendant:

The choices are lovley and all shaped as a heart with the metal that shines around the gemstone and a lovely rose that goes up it. I really enjoy how flat the back is, allowing it to stay close to your neck and not bounce around while you move.

The one I've gotten is the Natural Rose Quartz and yet all the choices they have are beautiful! The other choices of colors are Opalite and Natural Amethyst, but if you can't decide there is always the 3 of them together that you could buy.

A perfect pendant for jewelry making and could make a great gift to a special someone.

You can find this lovely Pendant below:

I would have to point out first is the lovely velvet cloth that covers the entire ring tray. It has enough rows to fit a good amount of rings. I love that I can display each piece I own and it's in this lovely pink tray and so soft! It also could make a perfect sellers ring tray or for your personal jewelry at home, for which I'm using mine for. 

The colors are either Rose Red or Grey and depending on your taste, I would say either is a beautiful tray to own!

You can purchase one of these or both at the link below:

I think for a wonderful and nifty new way to add a fringe to your bangs or any place on your hair, this would be a wonderful tool. It gives you a sort of a different wave like look and all you need to do is use a hair dryer to allow the wet hair you place into the Fringe clip to dry a certain position, which in the end leaves you with a perfect fringe.

I don't think I found it to be faulty in anyway. It actually gives your hair a nice fringe curl look and not anything like a crimp but almost as a wavy curl or side curl look. I really think its an easier tool to use and takes less time to product a change in your hair's appearance. Perfect for any day of the week and easy to use.

You can try it for yourself by purchasing it at the link below:

First off, it really is a beautiful case. The outter part resembles of alike snake skin and the inner part is so soft. It's a different type of jewelry box than I'm use too, but it is beautiful!

A perfect gift or a great display case in any store or even in your room! The colors are vibrant and beautiful and the one I have is the Pink which it comes in white and red. Almost, these remind me of Valentines day with the colors. However, they are very lovely for holding your earrings, rings, and necklaces. Plus you can even hold some makeup!

The top is perfectly designed to allow you to hold necklaces with the small hooks that keep them in place, the next part has holes allowing you to display and place your earrings together, and last the bottom which is enough room for a few beauty products like lipstick
and even some nail tools. Also, the other side of the box has a few rows that allow you to display your rings, safe and keep them in place as well. Also what is wonderful this is also a great take with you jewelry box, when you don't want to bring all your jewelry on a trip or vacation.

I really think this would be great for anyone and even as a daughters first jewelry box.

If you would like to learn more, you can find the product at the link below:

The Night Vision Zoom Binoculars aren't a bad price for something that could provide a great view in the dark. However, this product is perfect to give you a view of the birds and boats or anything your using them for.
I wouldn't think of them as those expensive ones you could purchase, near 60-100+ dollars, but it does a great job for simple traveling and viewing an object that maybe some distance between you.

The viewing area is nice and large for your eyes to look into and the strap makes it easy to hold around your neck without having to use your hands. I really think it's perfect for bird watching and viewing things that may be a bit out of reach, but if you are looking for
high tech or something powerful than I would suggest passing on this product. 

You can find this product at the link below:

A lovely set of 5 Gemstones that make perfect pendants on any type of necklace cord. I love the colors as they are bold and vibrant and look natural even if they aren't, but no one will know!
I think the size is perfect, not too long but fits perfectly if your wearing a shorter chain or leather cord, right between the collar bone.

I love the loop as it's more oval and yet enough space to place a string through. They even could make dangles to an anklet or bracelet if you would prefer.

These lovely Gemstones can be found here:

You can choose from a variety of Pendants and for me the three that stood out to me is the Yoga/Angel/Sword pendants.
They all have the natural stones from the root chakra to the crown chakra. It's a beautiful set of three, and well designed too look exactly as the name suggests.

The size is perfect and wouldn't cause you too feel as if it'll be weighing your neck down in any way. The natural healing stones have special powers to naturally increase your health, which I would think makes this product even better! 

What attracts me more is the true gems used in the product, nothing synthetic or fake. Plus, how lovely the shape is formed and who can't love wings of the Angel or the Yoga shaped person. It's just lovely!

Here is where you can purchase this beautiful trio, or another pendant with the Chakra Gemstones:

The perfect case full of the right size screws and nuts for your glasses, and watches and just anything that needs the tiny screw. It's hard to find them and to get some on hand
when you need to repair your glasses or replace screws that might of gotten lost once you took the battery out. I had that happen a few times. Those screws are tiny and hard to find once they hit the floor.

You could be on the floor searching for hours or just choose another one from this case and be set to go. I think its perfect for those fast and in need of a new screw. It's even good for games that require tiny screws, since they are tiny handheld games as well. Maybe even perfect for the giga pet you own or other electronic device.

You can find this set of Screws and Nuts assortment here:

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