Wednesday, December 24

The Lap King Lap Desk

The Lap King Lap Desk is such an innovative way to support your everyday things. I can work on it, craft on it, eat on it and just about do anything I need as if it was a personal table on my lap.

The purple is beautiful, but the The Lap King Lap Desk comes in so many other colors like red, blue and black. It is so easy to sit upon your lap and either snack on or even place a laptop on top and work.

The Lap Desk is really a two way desk. Here are three wonderful things about this product:
  1. It's a flat tray on one side for food, and even crafting.
  2. It's a perfect base to hold your computer up and let breathe because of the bumpy/dimpled side. This is great so your computer won't over heat and get ruined.
  3. It's also has a nice Purple Pillow bottom which turns into a detachable neck pillow.

You know it's a high quality Lap King Lap Desk, with the logo in the center on front!
Perfect round nubbies that keep your products raised and if using a laptop it will
cause the computer from overheating.

Soft neck pillow attach on the bottom comes in handy, giving you a closer reach to your laptop.
No more need for a plain pillow to use your laptop on or another device. 
Neck pillow feels like a bean bag chair,  comfortable and forms easily in
any position you find comfortable

Detachable Purple Neck Pillow 
Nice and comfortable neck pillow
I love the way its created and is very comfortable to use! I actually have to use it everyday because I don't have any table near by and so it comes in handy. I can eat on the couch or in bed, while turning the Lap Desk around and using it to hold my computer up on and begin working.

Fits my 15 inch laptop perfectly!
The flat back of the the Lap Desk.

I really find it useful for me, because I'm always doing something that needs a flat or raised surface, and a plain pillow without any support really doesn't provide that!

Great product, and well built. You know it's a real Lap King by the logo and the high quality design.

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