Monday, December 15

Sexy Costumes Hello Kitty TuTu Dress

When I think of the most adored cat around the world, I think of Hello Kitty. Not only does she fill the world with smiles and love, but she is even a fashion statement. Her bow is something that keeps her in memories of all! I will never forget Hello Kitty, I just adore her too much. She first made appearance in Japan 1974 and was in the US in 1976. 

So she really has been around for awhile and always bringing smiles to many young ones as even adults. If you ever came to my house, you'd see my rooms full of Hello Kitty gear.
Now I can even dress the part, thanks to Wholesale Costume Club.
You really can learn All About Hello Kitty all around, since she's everyplace!

As you can see the costume really reflects the entire look of Hello Kitty from her white kitty cat face to her big red bow on top. Of course, the costume wouldn't be complete with a lovely pink tutu, and a pair of ears you can wear to bring the look of the beloved character out in you!
I wouldn't mind wearing a Hello Kitty every day, that's just how much I love her!

Not only will you feel like the lovable kitty, but you'll be the Sexy Hello Kitty at any party or event your dressing up for! 

I feel so girly and sexy in the skirt, but what makes me smile from ear to ear is how beautiful the entire outfit is together. Hello Kitty is forever in my heart and will be the one little kitty I will never forget!

Thank You 

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