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Renergy All in One Renergy 5200mAH Portable External Battery Charger

The brand known as Renergy makes me think of re-energizing/ reviving your device from dead to alive, without an outlet! Instead the Renergy Battery Charger is your external battery that includes two USB Ports for fast charging any place you like! No more dead battery out in the woods, while camping or when your electric goes out. However, the other part is that you can use an outlet when at home or any place that has one. So its portable and can be used indoors too.

Instead, your given the ability to energize your devices with this slim rectangular power bank.  Now for a good External Battery, always try to go for a higher mAh. I only suggest this because I am sure if your like me you would love to keep even the most powerful devices charged, such as tablets. 

The mAH (Milliamp Hours- the amount of electric power to charge a device over a certain amount of time) would charge best at a higher amount than one with less.
Therfore, the 5200mAh will give you a longer lasting charge verse anything under that amount. I sort of think of it as having a powerful battery that will charge a product at a faster rate, and last longer per charge verse something that is lower in mAh. However, some External Batteries are ok at a lower dose, but if you want a faster charge, longer charge and just something that will charge the bigger devices, like tablets than a large mAh is what you want to buy.

The positive side of the Renergy All in one Renergy 5200mAh External Battery Charger is:
  • Faster Charging Time - no more waiting a few hours longer to get a full charge on your device.
  • Larger Devices Can Be Charged - some external batteries don't have enough energy to power a tablet or strong smart phone, but this does!
  • Everything included - no need to buy the adapter to charge the device and it doesn't need to be in a USB to charge. Instead, you plug it into an outlet, which the device has it's own two prong plug attached to itself. 
  • Safe and Easy To Figure Out- Nothing here is complicated, just plug in charge the device you need with it's power cord(USB Cord). To charge the charger just put into a socket and watch the lights begin to light up.
  • (Big Plus) Double Charging Capability - charging two devices at the same time, no need to wait!

I really don't see anything wrong with this External Battery, just another great way to keep you charged when you can't find an outlet, USB Port, or need a quicker and more reliable way to power up a device. Therefore, if I can charge me smart phone and also use the other USB Port to charge my tablet, than I'm a happy camper!  

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