Friday, December 19

Pure Luxe Lemon Oil - 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oil

I really am pleased with Pure Luxe Lemon Oil. It's 100% natural and pure, no chemicals added or water to give you a less than perfect product. Instead the Lemon Oil is filled through out the entire bottle, nothing else is included. Of course, the Pure Luxe brand gives you a nice 4 oz bottle not 1, 2, or 3 ozs but a full 4oz bottle to use.

I noticed right away, once opened the bottle is the strong lemony scent. Almost like a huge bucket of fresh lemons were placed right in front of me. The dark container perfectly keeps it potent longer, while the lid is easy to tighten and twist open. You get a dropper lid to use with the product, making it easy to measure out a certain amount. 

I think the product is terrific! You can use it in so many ways because it's an essential oil, 100% more powerful than a pre-made lotion or blended serum.  You can use this for aromatherapy, helping with dull and acne on the skin, cleaning your house, digestive issues and 
just a bunch of things. For me, I use it as a skin care product and a great item to use in a facial scrub to give me a boost too keep me alive and awake in the morning.
However, you can really do so much by using it in homemade soaps or mix it into products you already own. Some ideas could be adding to your cleaners, perfumes, candles, beverages, and pretty much anything you want to give a lemony scent and it's benefits too.

I really think this is a great product, smells wonderful too! Plus, if your not interested in making it yourself, than having a 100% Pure and Natural Lemon Oil able to order is another great way to go!

You can purchase the Pure Luxe Lemon Oil at this link below and even learn more about the oil as well:

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