Monday, December 15

Pro Bow the Hand Bow Maker

The Pro Bow the Hand Bow Maker is a wonderful teaching tool, for perfect bows every time. I really can't believe I never knew of such an easier way to add bows to a present and not use those pre-made holiday bows. Instead, the idea of creating something yourself and making it spectacular is always something I like to do!

The Pro Bow is well created to last for years with proper use. I actually came upon this product in search of making professional bows by myself. However, using the step by step online instructions from other sites with your hands, never worked for me. They all just came undone and looked sloppy!

Comes with a free spool holder for your Lace

When I began using the Hand Bow Maker, I notice that because of the pegs keeping the loops in place, I was able to easily assemble a bow in like no time at all!  I could make huge bows, smaller bows, and just about any color bows I like. 

The fun thing about this is that, I can impress anyone! Ever see someone buy a bouquet of flowers with those lovely huge bows, or place a giant bow on a stuffed toy. Well now, I can do just that and feel like a pro anytime I want. I will have to give Pro Bow The Hand Bow Maker the  credit for my excellent bows, but if no one asks I'll just let them 

be impressed by my skills.

I love this product and am so glad to have found it! Just wish I knew about it earlier. Nothing came apart, everything is easy to assemble and I have Christmas, Birthday, and so many more bows easily homemade in minutes!

Practice makes perfect

Great product! Highly Recommend for beginners like me and anyone who wants a faster way to impress the family with a beautiful bow topped present.

Here is a link to a wonderful detailed video about the Pro Bow Hand Bow Maker. You will learn how to use the product and what beautiful results you'll get.

If you would like to purchase this product, please take a look at the link below:

You can also find them at this link below and see the wonderful bows that can be made:



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