Friday, December 19

Paddle Brush By Bella and Bear

I first off have to say that this is a beautiful Paddle Brush by Bella and Bear. The floral design is so pretty and beautiful, while the size is perfect for your entire head.
This isn't any tiny brush, instead it's large enough to get through a large section of hair. 

The square shape is one that I've never owned before, always had a round brush. However, I'm not against it. I do love the handle size as well. It's long and thick enough to grip with your one hand.

I find that it actually goes easily through my curly hair and when I have it straighten, it does a great job adding shine and making it smooth and soft. It doesn't make my hair frizzy with any static or dull.

I really love this product, so lovely too look at and great on my hair when straight curly or wavy. Just a perfect brush!

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Thank You 

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