Monday, December 15

OptiMA Inc. Double Sided 12x18 Music Staff Dry Erase Lap Board

The Double Sided Dry Erase Lap Board is perfect for keeping down notes for the day, or tasks and chores. I love how it isn't your streaky erase board, that really don't come clean. 

Line Side for writing and music notes or anything you prefer to write on it.

The size is perfect for me, and the two sides are wonderful! I can write a note or task on one side and the other I can draw or doodle things that come to my mind. 

Plain, blank side perfect for drawing and doodling

When I clean it, the only thing I use is water and a paper towel, but you could buy as solution. However, for me I've had no problem with water and paper towel, it comes clean easily and Not one streak in sight!

Left side the cheap and unable to erase, dry erase board. Right side has the
OptiMA Double Sided Erase Board, which with one swipe comes clean!

Its something you could use in art, school or just as a home item or on the job. i find it useful for my everyday reminders and for time I just want to doodle up a design. I never seen a double sided board before and I really do enjoy that added side.

It's a really nice USA made product and well constructed! I still can't stop smiling over the simplest thing, NO STREAKS! 

Great job OptiMA Inc., wonderful product!

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Thank You 

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